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Boot Camp!

Fitness….. A multi million pound industry because everyone desires the perfect body, mainly encouraged by all the celebrity magazines that tell us how we should look and what new diet is the next big thing!
Don’t get me wrong I think it’s important to be healthy and obesity is a huge problem but the pressure on women to look good and be skinny is ridiculous when sometimes curves, boobs and bum is sexier than skin and bones!!
So at the moment I am a size 10/12 and not overweight at all but not as in shape as I would like to be. I have been going to the gym twice a week doing a bit of cardio but it’s starting to get boring so when I saw the gym was starting a boot camp I put my name down. It’s not about losing weight to me, I just want to tone up and get a bit stronger!
So we are 2 boot camps in and I’m in agony which is meant to be a good thing but I hope this gets easier.
I have to keep reminding myself it was only 4 months ago I had major surgery and muscle removed from my back, it may take me a bit longer to get as strong as everyone else!
It seems to be a good work out and is good fun, the activities range from boxing to weights to kettle bell and medicine ball.
It made me laugh last night when 4 new girls arrived wearing all the latest gym gear and full make up on, false lashes the lot! They spent the whole session staring through into the main gym at the men working out and by the end if the hour their make up didn’t look quite as good dripping down their face!!
So the night after boot camp I went and had a drink then today had a very unhealthy bacon and sausage sandwich! Not great for trying to lose weight but diets are over rated! My theory is as long as I keep exercising the odd bacon butty shouldn’t be an issue!!!


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