Through My Eyes

Some people say I talk too much, that I always have a story to tell. I don't know what's round the corner so my blog is about life through my eyes and making every day count.

Post without a subject!

I have not blogged anything for a while, I don’t even have any hot topic to blog about today, I just feel a post is well overdue so am typing away but not sure what the subject actually is!

So what’s happened since my last post….. Erm……
Well I have been training 3 times a week at the gym for the 2 race for life’s that I am doing. Despite this training I have not lost any weight and don’t feel remotely fitter! I think I need to work a lot harder if I’m going to actually make it over the finish line! Not only that but I have a duty to my sponsors now! People have been so generous, I have raised nearly £600 so far and so am over half way to my target of £1000 for cancer research.

In other news an aeroplane has mysteriously dropped out the sky and nobody has a clue where it is! If that’s not the biggest government cover up ever then I don’t know what is! In this day and age we can put men on the moon yet a plane full of people vanish off the face of the earth and nobody can find it! There’s so wreckage, no debris, no radar yet the relatives get told its in the sea and everyone is dead! Based on what information? It’s all very strange I think but that’s just my opinion!!

And last but not least social networking has amazed me again, this time with the no make up selfie for cancer research! So my Facebook was full of people without make up and of I am honest some were not a pretty sight! Others though were truly beautiful though and the people looked better than with make up on! My reaction to this was not good. I put a status saying there was no way I was going to put a no make up selfie on Facebook! My confidence is low anyway since my mastectomy and I don’t need to put a picture of me looking rough to prove I do my bit for charity……. Famous last words!
It was then on the news that 2 million pounds had been raised by people putting a no make up selfie on then donating £3 to cancer research! How can I slate something like that that has raised that much money, again showing the power of social networking! So I did it, I put my
No make up selfie on and jumped on the bandwagon! Wasn’t my proudest picture but when it helps raise awareness and money for charity then why not! And here it is!! Anyway until next time, ciao for now!!



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