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The era of social networking!

When people look back at different eras they remember different things, different trends, different Genres different ways of life. I think when I get old enough to look back on the noughties I will associate this era with the amazing thing that is social networking. Something that wasn’t around much 10 years ago and now has made its founders multi billionaires!
I am social network mad! For many reasons really but the main being I like being nosey at other people’s lives, ok not ashamed to admit I like seeing what people are up to!
Another plus point is I never wonder what the weather is doing as everytime we have anything going on with the weather I see it all over Facebook before I look out the window! And gone are the days of spending hours on the phone to sky tv to sort out the telephone line, nice you just tweet in with plenty of hashtags and sky tv reply straight away!
But despite being a social network addict i also get quite annoyed at some of the things I see on Facebook
And the things people share.
I think one of the most annoying things I see is this……

“Can’t believe that’s just happened, feeling gutted”
Or ” feeling devastated, am so shocked”
Or “just got the best news ever”

To me these sort of status’s are just about attention, people want to be asked what’s wrong, they want their status to keep popping up on everyone’s wall when everyone asks what’s wrong or what the news is!

I think a lot of status’s are for attention, I mean they must be, why else would you publicly tell the world about the massive row you just had with your husband and what an idiot he is?! I find social networking arguments quite ridiculous and a little funny to read!

Then I suppose the attention status’s are better than the really lame status’s like “sat at home watching tv” or “enjoying my lasagne for tea”
Does anyone really care?!

Another really annoying thing at the moment is this whole selfie thing. Some are really nice for example iv done a couple of selfies with my daughter and they are pictures I will treasure for ever, but the millions of pictures of girls pouting with a camera in their face is quite strange!

Then there’s the really skinny gorgeous girls posting photos of their skinny toned Washboard stomachs saying how well the diets going…. Makes me wonder if they just post that do people comment a load of compliments like aww you don’t need to diet, and your gorgeous type comments!
Oh and if your going to post details if your every move, when your away & not at home etc then don’t cry when you get burgled!

After reading all the above you would think I hate social networking but it’s not the case, it’s a genius thing a lot if people couldn’t live without trees days! It’s funny how times change & technology moves on.

Happy 10 years Facebook!


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