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Back to work ( Just part time!)

I am very lucky to work for a company that is so understanding of my situation. They had no problem at all when I asked if I could go back part time and work my way back up to full time so I’v been doing a few days here and there!
I’m glad I had this option as I was surprised how tired I felt both mentally and physically after just a few days of work! I would rather that though that staying at home every day… Which brings me on to my main point of this post really, the benefit system and people who don’t work!!
I have had 6 weeks off so far due to illness but it feels like months and has driven me mad! For the first 2-3 weeks I was recovering from an operation and slept a lot so being at home was a good thing but as I got better I got so bored!
My day started about 09.30 when I got up, this is late but making the most of being off! I would then watch tv, around this time Jeremy Kyle is on so DNA and lie detector results galore! I then start housework which if kept on top of doesn’t really need doing but I can make it stretch to a couple of hours till lunch time and then I am done for the day so the next few hours consists of candy crush and loose women!!
I would love to hear from someone that stays at home all day on benefits and just ask exactly what they do all day!! I found myself doing a lot of online shopping but if I was in benefits all day I wouldn’t be able to afford that!
Iv always worked since I was 14 and got a washing up job in a cafe! And my lifestyle has reflected that, I’m not rich and never have been but am proud that on a weekend we can afford to do great stuff because i have worked for it! We have always been involved in racing as long as I can remember and if it wasn’t racing entry fees, tyres, fuel etc then it’s hotels for weekends away, tickets for events, holidays in the sun! All these nice things because we work hard all week and it’s worth it!

It must be nice to have that many kids you don’t need to worry about the rent, council tax, bills etc because the government will pay for you to live, but how many of these jobless benefit scroungers go racing every weekend? Or get a couple of holidays a year? They may live for free but what sort of quality of life is it to never afford a holiday or a weekend away! So then the kids get bored as they have nothing going on in their lives, boredom leads to causing trouble, drinking, smoking, dropping out of school etc and the cycle starts again, kids thinking they don’t need school or a job then getting pregnant to get a house and not have to work! And that’s the normal thing to do for them because they have seen their parents doing it!
May sound like i am
Stereotyping a bit but when you see kids committing crimes, getting pregnant and dropping out of school then the first place to look for a reason is the parents and what sort of example they are setting their kids by sitting around all day letting the government pay for them, and when they get a bit skint they have more kids!!
Completely controversial thing to say and against all human rights but I would love to put a system in place where if you can’t afford kids your not allowed to have them and you have to go get a job and put something back into society before costing us tax payers and hard workers millions of pounds a year In benefits!

I must say before I finish this post that I am aware not everyone is like this and some people can genuinely not work for medical reasons or being made redundant etc. I Also think it’s good to stay at home with the kids when they are dead young, it’s an important time with important milestones not to be missed so would never slag off someone staying at home with their babies then maybe return to work once the kids start school.
It’s the people that have the kids when they can’t afford them in the first place that bugs me, they have no money, have a baby then get a house from the government and everything paid for!

Anyway must sleep as I have that strange thing tomorrow called work! Then at the weekend we have a night out planned Friday if I feel well enough followed by 2 days karting at Sunderland, oh and Sunday lunch chucked in as well!
Wonder what the teenagers with 5 kids are doing this weekend?!


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