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Charities – how much goes to charity?

While on Facebook today I can’t across an article that surprised me a little bit and annoyed me!

Comic Relief – News

After reading it i got thinking about charitable organisations and how charitable they are.
Comic relief annoys me every year, such a huge build up to it with fundraising globally. Then there’s the adverts of the starving kids covered in flys to tug on everyone’s heart strings. Don’t get me wrong I am all for fundraising & charity but it seems each year the total raised is a life changing amount of money yet the problem isn’t improving.
Now that last statement may be totally wrong, I don’t actually know where the money goes, we get told it’s going to Africa but it it really or is all our hard work fundraising actually going to pay the admin, staff, celebrities, marketing oh and shares in tobacco and firearms??!
So every year we raise about 100 million pounds for this huge charities but what about all the smaller ones? Wouldn’t it be better to have a list of charities all under one umbrella and then every year have a massive fundraiser like comic relief with its adverts & all night tv programme, divide the 100 million+ between 50 charities for example where a couple of million would be life changing to them and we would see exactly where it goes?!

I understand charities have costs, while some rely on volunteers others do have full time staff that need to be paid and then there’s marketing and fundraising expenses as well but as long as the charity is making money and making a difference then those costs can be justified.
I think it’s important to know where the money goes though as 100 million is a lot to raise every year and should be making life changing differences to the people that need it, but is it?!

I always do my bit for charity but for causes that I can see making a difference. One charity close to my heart is the Benjamin Gautrey Foundation as mentioned in a previous post. This is a charity set up by Ben’s family who give their time up to make a difference to young people and keep Ben’s legacy going. With charities like this you can see where the money goes, you can look at the list of individual young people the charity has helped along with sports associations and then the race academy organised every year as well.
These sort if charities are much more worthy of my money than something like comic relief, charities like the local children’s hospice that relies on volunteers and donations just to stay open and makes a huge difference to poorly children & their families looking after them, yet they don’t get and a massive global fundraising day or a share of 100 million pounds every year, but if your in the tobacco & firearms industry then you might!!

It’s all a very strange going on and I think quite misleading, I know I won’t be donating a penny to comic relief just because I’m so uncertain about how much of the money goes to help people.
I will be continuing with the charity work I do, Every year I try to organise something for the Benjamin Gautrey Foundation from sky dives to auctions etc as well as something small for the air ambulance and plan to do the race for life this year purely on the back of getting cancer this year as that’s obviously important to me now! Comic Relief and other large charities won’t be on my list for fundraising in 2014!


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