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Some people say I talk too much, that I always have a story to tell. I don't know what's round the corner so my blog is about life through my eyes and making every day count.

Work…. The Pursuit of Happiness!

I Have always worked hard, got my first Job when I was about 13 washing up in a restaurant and from then went on to have various jobs alongside school then college.

One Job I was very proud of was a job I got as a sales Executive at an Oil company selling Oil to food manufacturers. I worked my way up from admin to Sales Executive and loved my customers and the job I did.
Selling Oil was exciting as was the Oil trade, currency and markets, a lot to learn but I loved it and became very good at it.
I sold some big contracts to some big names and made the company a lot of money, i was proud of myself that I was doing well. Unfortunately this soon changed when my fantastic manager retired and the bosses daughter took his role. Not much older than me and a typical upper class snob she came into the business looking down her nose at everyone. The thing was that she wasn’t better than anyone else, she just acted like she was and as a result turned everyone against her and that was just the staff never mind the customers who were equally as put off. Her people skills were non existent and as a result everyone hated her, she had people in tears most weeks and a lot of people were unhappy. The relaxed atmosphere we worked in changed to an almost silent open plan office with no buzz to it and the only noise you ever heard was when someone was getting a Bollocking or being spoken to like crap! All these ridiculous rules came into place like no eating at your desk, no mobile phones, no messing around, oh and a tidy desk policy controlled with a red card system! We soon nicknamed her Hitler as it felt like we were being controlled in some awful regime by a devil woman!
To add to that everything we did was scrutinised, we got the most patronising emails all the time telling us what to do and say and all our emails were monitored so everyone knew what we were doing at all times!
It was worse than being in prison! Everyone started leaving and the staff turn around was quite vast! I thought it was a joke when they got nominated for employer of the year but then realised they will have just nominated themselves!!
I remember my daughter had an asthma attack one day and was in intensive care in hospital so was very serious and we were beside ourselves. The last thing I expected was a phone call from work asking if I am taking the day off unpaid or as a holiday?? To be honest at that time work wasn’t even important as I’m sat at my daughters hospital bed but that was typical of them, no people skills and an appalling HR department. The worst thing was that the HR department was run by the bosses daughter, the very person everyone wanted to complain about but never did as she was HR!
The funny thing is that despite all the bad stuff we did have good days, there were days where she (hitler) was so kind and nice you thought she must have a personality after all but then when you didn’t do something she liked or the way she wanted and you saw the other side to her which wasn’t nice.
To me Sales is all about the person selling not the company and that company had some good sales people, one of them being one of the best in the industry yet they lost us all due to 1 person treating us badly.
Anyway I decided enough was enough and when a reception Job came up at a local bus company I went for the job and got it. The job was only a temp job and a lot less money and some would say it was a step down from traveling around the UK selling oil but i just needed to leave the nightmare of a job I was in and find happiness. I knew I was better than to be looked down on and spoken to badly every day so decided enough was enough!
I genuinely think my resignation was a shock but given that 3 other people in my team had quit that month already I’m surprised they didn’t see it coming!
The sales team was suddenly disappearing underneath them and they couldn’t figure out why! I was totally honest with my reasons for leaving but they are so up there own arses that my opinion and resignation won’t have made a difference!
I remember clearly as I was leaving one day she (hitler!) called me aside and asked me to change my mind about leaving, I said no chance and my decision was final and she said she couldn’t Believe I was leaving a great job for a poxy receptionist job at a bus company and i was making a big mistake! It was quite intimidating but just clarified in my mind that I was doing the right thing! I was quite scared to be leaving a well paid job that was secure and paid the bills but I knew I had to take the risk and hope it paid off!
So it’s been over a year now at my new job as a receptionist, the only thing I didn’t like was the smaller wage but I just cut back on the shoes I bought! The company are fantastic, I work hard, do my job and get appreciated. We have a laugh alongside work and nobody gets treated badly or spoken to like crap. It made me realise what it’s like to be appreciated at work.

So then i dropped the Bombshell I had cancer and was going to be off work for a while, I know it’s not my fault but I did worry what they would think.
Obviously the worrying was for nothing and they have been fantastic. Before I left I then got called into a meeting and offered a job in customer services and HR and not be the receptionist anymore! I was gobsmscked, there’s me saying I’m going on the sick for months and they offer me a promotion! Just shows hard work pays off!!

I haven’t got a date to go back yet it is likely to be after Christmas and into the transport office for a new challenge. I didn’t join this company with the plan to get promoted, I left my old job in search of happiness and I have found it at this job. I feel that I am mentally sticking 2 fingers up at my old boss and saying F*** you Bitch, look at me now! Everyone thought I was making a huge mistake leaving a well paid secure job for a dead end receptionist job well I have proven them all wrong!!

I think my point really for this post is that if your unhappy then don’t just stay unhappy while life passes you by. Before you know it you will be old and looking back on life with regrets. Taking a risk is scary but it’s a risk worth taking if you think it will find you the happiness you deserve.
People spend aprox 8 hours a day working which is a big fraction of their lives to waste being unhappy! Life is short so make the most of your time being Happy in what your doing!


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