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Some people say I talk too much, that I always have a story to tell. I don't know what's round the corner so my blog is about life through my eyes and making every day count.

Swelling, Bruising & Scars!

So it has been 2 weeks since my operation. I have read on some forums that some ladies are ready to go back to work after a few weeks and things are back to normal but for me I am nowhere near that point!
From a pain point of view I am much improved and I feel more discomfort now than pain. Trying to get cosy in a chair or bed is not easy! From a Breast point if view the new boob seems fine, it’s a little on the large side but I have been told the swelling will go down a lot. It is also covered in bruising so not very attractive at the moment so it’s best to just not look in the mirror at the moment!
I have pain in my left arm and very little movement in it, I have been told I need physio for this at a later date but not something I need to worry about now!!
I still feel completely unattached to the new boob, I don’t feel like it is mine or a part of me, I feel like it’s just this big thing that’s stuck on the front of my chest but not like a part of me if that makes any sense! I am hoping over time this will change!
As far as my back goes it is quite a scar but will fade over time and is very neat. Some people don’t like scars, they try to get rid of them and hide them, I do understand that but for me I will be wearing my scar with pride. It’s right across my back so not like I can hide it in a bikini but even so I see this as something to be proud of. To me a scar is a sign of bravery and being strong not a sign of weakness and something to be hidden. This whole experience is a big deal and a big part of my life and the scar represents that.
I have attached a picture to this post and I am sorry if this offends anyone as it’s not the nicest of pictures. I thought I would post it though as It is significant to this post but I am sorry for anyone that does not like seeing wounds and scars and things!!



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